Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Out of the blogosphere comes the most exciting stuff: Caroline, one of my awesome fellow BC bloggers, recently posted about a documentary entitled Pink Ribbons Inc. The film had its debut at the Toronto Film Festival last year, and opens in Canadian theaters on February 3, 2012.

That just happens to be the one-year anniversary of my bilateral mastectomy. My how time flies. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to reflect on this coincidence.

(Courtesy National Film Board of Canada)
What's cool about this movie is that it is about the very brouhaha that erupted in October among breast cancer bloggers. I am relatively new to this whole cancer dance, so I was unaware how timely our ranting and raving really was (see my post on The Hunt for Pink October here). Turns out, Anti-Pink Ribbon Fever has been brewing for a long time... long enough ago for this savvy little film to be conceived, birthed — and premiered.

Here is the trailer. See what you think. I hope it turns the tide in a sea of pink. I also hope it makes it to a theatre near you. And me!

PS For more on the origins of the pink ribbon, Think Before You Pink has an entire page devoted to its history here.


  1. Renn,
    I cannot wait to see this movie. I am just hoping it turns up in a theater near me, although for this one, I'd be willing to drive a fair distance.

    Did you see 50/50? Some people liked it, some didn't. I did and posted a review on it if you missed it and are interested. (Or maybe you read it) I guess I'm happy to see cancer coming out of the closet so to speak.

    Your surgery anniversary date is fast approaching. I'll be thinking of you.

  2. wow, great trailer. i would love to see this...makes total sense to me. thanks for this renn.

  3. Nancy: I didn't see 50/50 yet, but it's on my must-watch DVD list! I will read your review. Yes, cancer coming out of the closet so to speak is a very good thing! Thanks for your thoughts.

    Anonymous: I hope this movie turns "pink" on its ear! Thanks for stopping by. ;-)

  4. Renn, this movie needs to get out there into the mainstream. The intriguing trailer pulls you into what is appearing to be a pink conspiracy. People will want to know more. Thanks for letting us know about it. And congratulations on almost being at your one-year anniversary. XOXO

  5. Jan, I agree about the movie needing to be mainstream! And thanks for the 1-year thoughts!

  6. Renn, I'm just finding out about this film. Slow to the party, I am. Thanks for linking to the trailer. I'm sharing and can't wait to see it.


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