Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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Ordinarily, I try to spend a few afternoons a week each summer swimming in the pool. I use my noodle and do a variety of contortionist water aerobics moves. I am quite the sight. (So much so, one of our dogs insists on keeping watch over me whenever I'm in the water.)

With my surgery fast approaching, however, my days in the deep end are dwindling. And I'm oh-so-weary of the hot waters of reconstruction anyway. I'm jonseing for a calm, cool, uncomplicated end-of-summer slide into fall.

So I guess if I want to cool my jets, I'd better get splash splashing before Wednesday.


  1. What an inviting picture! There is nothing like the feeling of being in a pool on a summer day.

  2. Your post made me smile - you have a way with words Renn :-) It also made me want to reach out and give you a great big cyber hug. Wishing you ooodles of good healing vibes for your upcoming surgery xxx

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  4. Get splashing, enjoy it all before you go in for that operation:)

  5. Renn, our posts really are in sync about the cooling, calming effect of the water. That pool looks so inviting. I wish I could soak my toesies in there with you. I'm glad you are enjoying the splish-splashes now. I wish you all the best on your surgery. xox

  6. I swear I thought of taking this exact picture (except of my feet :-) ) last weekend. It is BOILING hot in Phoenix, and the pool is the only place to be.
    Will be thinking of you and your upcoming surgery.

  7. Renn,
    I admire people who dip into pools. I avoid them for many reasons.

    It's been hot here too. I'm ready for fall.

    Good luck with you surgery. When is it exactly? This post and this photo were really fun to take in. Thank you!


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