Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's Wordle Wednesday. And it's Pinktober. That means only one thing: It's time to stop sugarcoating cancer. Enough already. Breast cancer ain't pretty and it certainly ain't pink. (Well, I take that back: The only thing pink about breast cancer is our scars.So rather than telling you how I feel about the deluge of pink that threatens to drown us all this month...
I'm tossing you a life raft in the shape of a word cloud to show you how I really feel. Feel free to join me by posting your own Wordle word cloud that reflects how you feel. Then come back and leave a link to your post so I can share it with others. Let's stop sugarcoating cancer.


  1. because of you educating me renn, now when i see anything related to pinkoctober....i know now, and so my reaction is that...i step back and feel lied to. what would be a short, intelligent statement i could share with people that would be educational for them, yet not offensive...because most people really think they are doing good. can you give me a statistic about SGKomen so i might say something like....of all the money donated to sgk, only % is directly given to _______ and so donating directly to ____________ is a better way to show your love and support....pinkoctober is a commercialization of_______ as you can see renn, i am struggling.... xoxoxoxo m

  2. M, I will work on a blog post to answer your questions, which are good ones — and important! Thank you for asking. Thank you,thank you, thank you.

    Readers: Feel free to leave your suggestions to M. if you are so inclined!

  3. YEP, YEEEP, YYYYYEP!!!! I so agree. and if you're lucky your scars are pink. pink heals better. so my dr. tells me.

    Renn, got my drains OUT and got my PS to spell out restrictions that include wearing the surgical vest/bra for 4 to 6 weeks. I hated it before you mentioned it and then she mentioned it. Now I think the tighter the better! HEAL BODY HEAL!!!

    1. GM, that is such great news. How are you feeling?

  4. It definitely is good to lump a disease into a color... I think we all need awareness but I agree pink doesn't make it pretty. Great post Renn:)

  5. Here's a statistic: Komen donates only 2% of every $10,000 to Stage IV breast cancer even though 30% of all women ---ALL WOMEN---who get breast cancer, whether it's Stage 0 or III will go on to develop Stage IV which is what ultimately kills

    That's $200 for every $10,000.

    Please visit for more on this and MUCH more on Pinkwashing


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