Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I am very saddened to hear that Debbi Chapman Dempsey passed away this past weekend. 

Debbi and I connected via our breast cancer blogs. When I started mine in April 2011, I was writing into the ethers — until June 26, 2011. That's the day I received my very first comment on a blog post. And that comment was written by Debbi

Since that day, I followed her blog (aptly named A Too Sassy Gal)...
Her diagnosis of breast cancer was not simple; she had other health issues which complicated her surgery and her treatment.

In September 2011, I wrote a blog about famous folk like Wanda Sykes going public about their breast cancer. As always, Debbi responded: "I think so many people believe that you can be cured. 
I know I use to think it was that easy.
 I had a BMX [bilateral mastectomy] since I had 2 lobular tumors that were already invasive. I went with the BMX because what they THOUGHT was "borderline" DCIS, was in fact cancer already.
 I was devastated last week to hear that I have to have more surgery in both breasts. As there's still cancer in them. WHAT?!?!? 
I hear all the time...They "cure" people of this all the time now.
 Things are so advanced...REALLY?????
 I mean REALLY ???? I sure don't feel like I am going to be "cured" 
I have been reading more and more blogs about "pink" and how so little money is going towards later stages of cancer.
 They just want to get the word out that early detection will save your life.
 While I'm like you... glad the stars and high profile people are coming out about it. I really wish they wouldn't sugar coat it.
 No its not pretty...no matter how you dice it Renn."

In October 2011, after I wrote a discourse on The Hunt for Pink October, Debbi chimed in again: "Yes... NOW we think of pink so much different.
 And just a couple months out of my BMX and getting ready for my second chemo. 
The pink seems to really hit different now. :( It seems so strange this month to really be living this... pink scars and all."

Yes, it does.

One year ago, in January 2012, Debbi stopped blogging. For awhile she continued to read my blog, but she stopped commenting. I knew she wasn't well, that she was struggling; I continued to pray that she would find the strength she needed to get well again. 

But that was not to be. 

Rest in peace, dearest Debbi, rest in peace.


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Renn:(

  2. I am so so sorry Renn. So many questions. So many emotions. No words. {{<3}}

  3. im so sorry renn
    so very sorry

    (anonymous Daniel is probably a scam delete his post)

    1. yes that was spam, they are getting so clever. Tks!

  4. Damn Renn.... nothing is pretty about this. I'm crying and angry at the same time. I didn't find/read Debbi's blog but I understand the struggle. :(

    1. no, nothing pretty indeed. You can find Debbi's blog here (http://atoosassygal.blogspot.com) as well as under the "WE"LL NEVER FORGET" sidebar on the right of this page.

  5. dear renn,

    i am so sorry about debbi's death. she tried so hard...i read up to her last post and often wondered how she was doing. such sad news...thank you for letting us know. sending you waves and waves of wishes for comfort in your sorrow.

    love, xoxo,

    karen, TC

  6. Renn, I'm so sorry to hear this. Big hugs to you my friend. We will not forget.

  7. So sad to read this, Renn. It is the least pretty thing ...

  8. Renn, thanks for posting this news, I'm sad to see it. I also followed Debi for a long time. I knew things weren't going well, but after a while I couldn't find any more updates. I hate this f-ing disease more than I can say. xoxo

  9. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Breast cancer affects everything. Even if you are well at the moment you are waiting for the other shoe (mets diagnosis) to drop.

  10. Oh, Renn...

    I did not follow Debbi's blog, but from the comments you quoted, maybe I need to now. I'm so sorry. I wish I didn't have to admit that I know how this feels. When will this stop? Massive hugs. Kathi

    1. Kathi, I know you know all too well about this sort of thing. Lotsa {{{hugs}}} to you in advance with Rach's anniversary approaching. ;-(

  11. Heartbreaking. Thanks your beautiful and moving tribute.

  12. This awful disease is so unfair, so ugly. I'm sorry you have lost a friend. You bring alot of open and honest discussion to the table and your tribute to your friend is very moving. Thank you, Renn.


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