Sunday, May 26, 2013


I have been rather remiss in my blog posting. I was out of town, I got busy, I took a nap, I went out of town again, I got busy, I took another nap, yadda yadda.

So tonight I sat down at the computer with a few minutes to spare before bed, with the
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intent of catching up on a few pals in the blogosphere. I got excited to see that my friend Shannon, who blogs over at Green Monkey Tales, had written a new blog post. Shannon is a sporadic poster; her prose, some of it fiction, is truly brilliant. I eagerly clicked her link.  

I had no idea what her blog title "Wrecked Tail" was supposed to mean, but figured it would be funny; Shannon is hilarious, and often sprinkles a little monkey humor into her writing. 

It wasn't long before I realized what she was sharing wasn't funny at all...
... "I have rectal cancer but we monkeys call it "wrecked-tail" cancer. I have no idea how my tail got wrecked. So far, no one does."

WTF?? She's already had breast cancer, already gone through a botched reconstruction, had major complications, then had reconstruction all over again. She's had more than her share of heartbreak. (Way more.) And now she has rectal cancer? 

I've written about Shannon before — back in September 2012, in a post I called "A Tale of Two Shannons." I was showing her some bloggy love back then as she traversed the tricky halls of Recon 2.0. 

But she really needs our bloggy love now.

She needs our support. And you guys are such awesome supporters! So I'm asking if you could possibly pop over to Shannon's blog post {{{HERE}}} to show her some bloggy love? She would really, really, appreciate it. She's having a test on Wednesday, May 29th, that will stage her cancer and help determine her treatment plan. Until then, she is living in the horror holding pattern that is limbo land. I know you can relate.

Please hold her in your thoughts. Sending you lots of love, dear Shannon!

PS: JUNE UPDATE Shannon went to see the oncology wizard HERE. Or catch up on her status HERE.


  1. How sad for Shannon... I can't believe what she has already been through and now this... I will pray for her:/

  2. bloggy love coming strong and hard from LA!!

  3. so sorry about Shannon, sending all the families my love.
    xoxo mb

  4. Sending all the love in my heart to GreenMonkey.

  5. dear renn,

    what a big heart you have! i just discovered shannon a few days ago, and found both her story and her writing extraordinary. she is an absolutely incredible woman. shannon, if you are reading this, please know i am sending my love, and the bright light of hope to help you find your way.

    renn, i am going to green monkey tales to offer support. thank you for doing what you've done to alert our community to rally round dear shannon and facilitating the support she needs so badly. such kindness and generosity you have shown - love you so much.

    with gratitude, XOXOXOXO


    1. Karen TC! I saw your comment on Shannon's blog post and it was so beautiful it made me cry. You are so very generous in spirit; even in your profound grief, you still give. Thank you my dear and may your kindness be returned tenfold. Love you too! Thank you for being you.

  6. Renn, I'm going over to her blog right now, but before I do, I must say how much I appreciate you. You're always rallying people to support others. You've got a caring heart and it shows. xo, eileen

    1. Oh Eileen, I wish we didn't ever have to rally the support troops ever. ;-(
      Thank you so much for your kind comments! xoxo


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