Saturday, May 24, 2014


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You may remember my blogging buddy, Shannon, a la Green Monkey Tales fame; we bonded over our breast cancer, our bilateral mastectomies, our subsequent surgeries and our complications.

One year ago, she was diagnosed with rectal cancer...

I've written about Shannon a few times on the blog (see here and here and here), but it is her recent update that has me breathing a sigh of relief. I've worried about her, as many others in the blogosphere also have, and her post is music to my ears.

Shannon is a fabulous writer and she's done a fabulous job of writing a recap of the past 12 months. You can read that update here

Please show her some of your famous bloggy love! And welcome home, Shannon!


  1. She has gone through quite a lot and her marriage family fell apart too... Sometimes it's amazing where strength does come from..
    I am coming back to blogging too..... I needed some time to seriously regroup....
    Love Alli....

    1. Alli! So nice to hear from you. It's often hard to explain where our strength finds its roots but thank goodness we find it. Looking forward to seeing you back in the blogosphere! Regrouping is good!!

  2. OHHH Ren!!! thank you :))))))) I really could not have done it without the love that surrounded me. My next challenge will be NOT worrying about a reoccurrence. And focusing on wellness. Yesterday was a long hike in the woods and today a walk - each step made me feel so alive. I have only been out of the hospital two weeks so I feel like I'm doing really well. Maybe soon, I'll be running again. xoxoMonkeyME

    1. Shannon!!!!!!!! I had to blog your news, it was too good not to share. Your writing is perfection and also needs to be shared!

      I completely understand how a walk in the woods makes you feel alive. To me, reconnecting with nature is like connecting to the life force itself. Hike on, sistah! But slowly, please! xoxo

  3. Thank you for the reminder to find her blog and add it to my BlogLovin. I think I can click to her from another blog I read -


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