Saturday, March 7, 2015


Lisa Bonchek Adams was like a phoenix, rising.
(Copyright Lisa Bonchek Adams)

She was a beacon of honesty. The transparency in her blogging was unsurpassed. 

She wrote in great detail about her life with metastatic breast cancer — the good, the bad, the ugly. She wanted — needed — to tell it like it really is. Like it really was. Like she really felt.

She didn't sugar-coat s#@%. 

She wrote bluntly, bravely, beautifully...

She wrote with grace, and grit, and clarity.

She wrote through her darkest hours, and her lightest days. 

She wrote, and she wrote, and then she wrote some more. 

She wrote with extraordinary insight and foresight.

She wrote to dispel the myth of the pink ribbon.

She ruffled a few feathers. 

She wrote so we might know the life she really lived. 

And tonight, she is gone, at the age of 45...

No more writing.

No more words.

No more.



EDITED TO ADD: So much has been written about Lisa since her passing. Here is a good example.


  1. Sorry to hear this, sending love. mcb

  2. Beautiful tribute. This is breaking my heart. Lisa was like the little engine that could, and did it big. She kept going, even when her energy became so weak. I was hoping that she would be able to regain her strength. So sad.

  3. Awe Renn, this is both sad and beautiful.. I have learned so much about reading your blog over the past couple of years, I understand more why the pink ribbon is not something that actually helps... I hope Lisa is resting in peace, it is good that her honest words will still be there to help others...

  4. dear Renn,

    thank you for letting us know about Lisa's death. you have written such a beautiful tribute to her grace, her beautiful soul, and her extraordinary writing. I think of the legions of people she and her words have helped and what an impact she had on our breast cancer community. I am so sorry for her husband, her children, her entire family and dear friends, and I am sorry for us who will miss her terribly.

    much love,


  5. Hi Renn,
    Thank you for the beautiful tribute. It reads like poetry. Lisa will be missed by many, including me. xo

  6. Nice post Renn. I will miss reading Lisa's words.



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