Monday, February 6, 2012


Another heroine has fallen... Susan Neiber (aka WhyMommy) of Toddler Planet fame passed away today from a rare and aggressive form of inflammatory breast cancer. She leaves behind a family that includes two small children. She was a scientist for NASA.

I discovered Susan's blog just a couple of weeks ago... January 22, 2012, to be exact; it turned out to be her last post; for me, it was her first. I was only just beginning to "know" her. An article about her blog ran in The Washington Post online on January 24, 2012. And today she is gone.

Rest in peace, Susan.


  1. This was far too much to deal with in a day. Awful. I cherish you, Renn.

  2. Ladies, yesterday was like a bad dream. I knew this day would come. Thanks for being part of my tribe!

  3. Oh, Renn...bad dream indeed. Complete nightmare, in fact. xoxo, Kathi

  4. Renn,
    Like you, I only discovered Susan's blog earlier this year, but she would join us sometimes on #BCSM. It's wonderful how we've all banded together, even more so, if that's possible.


  5. Renn,
    You're so right, Susan was a heroine indeed.

  6. Renn, I, too, am so grieved by this loss. I hadn't even known about Susan until someone mentioned her along with Rachel. Wish I could have gotten to know her as well. The flower you chose is beautiful, about to bud out. May we all learn from this experience and open our buds to the world to reveal who we really are and what we stand for. XOXO


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