Monday, July 22, 2013


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While I've been busy not blogging, I've been amassing a large number of potential blog posts. Some are half written; others are merely a headline. Some describe experiences I've had yesterday; others occurred long ago. All include insight gleaned from my breast cancer experience. 

This bulging list of ideas overwhelms me...
I develop a sort of ADD response when reviewing it; I'm excited to flesh out each one, and want to do so NOW. Since that's not possible, that creates guilt. And  anxiety. 

So I thought I'd compile a few of the things I'd like to write about. then put these ideas into a jar and pull them out one by one as the blogging moons align. Maybe you'd like to help me speed up the process (and whittle down my list) by telling me which idea(s) you'd like to read more about? 

In no particular order, here are my "wanna write more about" ideas. Let me know your favorites in the comments section below. Thank you!

1) The Excitement-Fear-Guilt-Anxiety Connection 

2) Souvenirs of Cancer: The strange things I've kept 

3) Breast Cancer Social Media (#BCSM): Why it's a lifeline

4) Terri of A Fresh Chapter: Our IRL (in real life) meeting

5) The Shame Game: That universal dilemma

6) The Secrets We Keep 

7) Marital Discord During Cancer: It happens to us all

8) The Art of Afternoon Napping

9) Feeling Invisible

10) Who is Emotionally Safe? Who isn't?

11) Body Image Issues: They don't go away post-BC

12) Feminine Energy of the BC patient: Lessons learned in physical therapy

13) My Friend Robin: 14 years (and counting!) living with Stage IV Mets 

14) BraGGs: Bras designed just for us reconstructed gals

15) How to Help the Grieving

16) The Falling Away of Friendship: Under stress and over time

17) The Challenge of Getting Clean Margins: A doctor's shocking POV

18) My Unbucket List: Things I have no desire to do!

19) Protecting Our Emotions: Handling a barrage of bad news

20) More Metastatic Breast Cancer Mavens!


  1. The shame game
    The secrets we keep
    Feeling invisible

    All of your topics sound interesting Renn... These are my top 3...

    I always learn something everytime you blog and I get honesty:-)

    1. Thanks Launna! I like your choices. I see a theme!

  2. Renn I love all of them. My top ones would be:
    The Secrets we Keep
    Feeling Invisible
    Souvenirs of Cancer
    The Falling Away of Friendship
    My Unbucket List
    Protecting Our Emotions
    More Metastatic Breast Cancer Mavens!

    I really understand when you talk about writing some posts, half ones, changing your mind and starting titles. I also think it's important to keep yourself balanced and there are times when being away from posting are good for you and there's no need to place pressure on yourself and allow anxiety to build (easier said than done!).

    Meanwhile your writing is always so great and fresh and that's why you have to follow your instincts. xoxoxo - Susan

    1. Hi Susan! You're right, it is a balancing act. And stepping away has provided some much-needed perspective. Thanks for thinking I am fresh!

  3. Your meeting with Terri for sure! I’d love to hear how your meeting went :) Also, I’m curious about the feminine energy idea, and what souvenirs you kept, BraGGS, YOUR FRIEND ROBIN!, and everything else on your excellent list.

    It’s a darn tootin’ good list. ~Catherine

    1. Well I've got the Terri post halfway done, so that will likely be my next post! Thanks for weighing in, Catherine. And I'm also going to ask my friend Robin to write a guest post! ;-)

  4. dear renn,

    every one of the subjects brought to life with your incredible writing would be wonderful - I like these, but imagine you do your best work with whatever moves you at a certain time.

    feminine energy
    the secrets we keep
    protecting our emotions

    I even loved reading the LIST!

    much love, my friend XOXO

    Karen, TC

    1. Thank you Karen! That made me smile. Your requests are duly noted!

      How are you doing/feeling?

  5. Ah, so many ones. My faves, and not necessarily in this order:

    Nos. 2, 6, 7, 11, and 19.

    1. Thanks, Eileen!

      I am seeing a pattern here, which is really helpful — and motivating!


  6. Renn, I am laughing already at your unbucket list! :-) This would be great to read. And why have they found their way on your unbucket list?

    Here are my choices:

    Unbucket list
    Feminine Energy
    The excitement fear guilt anxiety connection
    Feeling invisible
    The secrets we keep

    Thank you for keeping your blog going. Your voice helps me make sense of my life!

    Best, Lindsey

    1. Lindsey, I'm writing the excitement/fear/guilt/anxiety connection post just for you!! ;-)

  7. Hi Renn,

    I'll read whatever you write whenever you write it! I love your posts and always look forward to them. I keep a notebook where I jot down ideas for future posts. I like your jar idea!

    Must admit, I'm really interested in the art of afternoon napping...

  8. Renn,

    LOVE, love, love all of them. I know you will do a great job with each of them, as you are such a great writer. I'm curious about the souvenirs of cancer, though. Just keep writing, one post at a time.

    By the way, thank you for so faithfully reading and commenting on my posts. I've fallen behind my reading, but I'm trying to catch up. So glad to be reading your posts!


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