Monday, July 13, 2015


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Thanks to Nancy's Point, I'm tossing my sun visor into the "15 Random Facts About Me" ring. It's been too long since I've blogged, and this is exactly the push I needed. (Thanks, Nancy!)

Without further procrastination, here are 15 random facts you probably didn't know about me...

1. I was attacked by a German Shepherd as a kid. It took me 35 years to get over my fear of dogs.

2. My husband had two dogs when we met. They enabled me to get over #1.

3. I'm currently hooked on House of Cards.

4. I only read nonfiction.

5. When I travel, I buy household items rather than souvenirs — like ladles in Switzerland, a lemon reamer made from walnut wood in Sonoma, a coffee mug from the original Starbuck's in Seattle.

6. Random Pet Peeve: I can't stand it when the waiter comes to the table with the food and doesn't remember who ordered what.

7. I love all weather. Especially a cold and cloudy day. Makes me want to cook. (See #8.)

8. I've been baking since I was a child. It's not Christmas (my favorite holiday; see #9) until the house smells like Peppermint Pinwheels

9. I listen to Christmas music all year round. The only CDs you'll find in my car? Christmas classics. 

10. I collect wind chimes.

11. I'm not a fan of public speaking. In fact, I freeze like a popsicle at the podium.

12. In contrast to (or perhaps in spite of) #11, I was in summer stock theater, and later became a member of an improv troupe. Go figure.

13. I'm allergic to eggplant.

14. I dislike all sports, except baseball.

15. I photograph headstones in cemeteries and transcribe them. For fun.

Feel free to join in on the "15 Random Facts" challenge!


  1. Nice list! I love to visit cemeteries a lot, especially old ones. I have taken some photos of some graves I liked. And as a kid, my favorite spot to play was at the cemetery located down the block from my home. Something about cemeteries I find quite peaceful.

    I am sorry about the bad experience you had as a child with the dog. I am glad you started to trust them again. Dogs are wonderful animals.

    Thanks for sharing things about you!

    1. Dogs *are* wonderful, and I'm so happy I got past my fear. Too many things to be afraid of in this life! Cemeteries are very interesting places, so full of history and people who don't want to be forgotten. Thanks for stopping by! Loved your "15 Random" list, BTW!

  2. I love learning facts about other bloggers.. it's always interesting to find out things you never would have known otherwise... such as being able to act but not being able to talk in public... xox Have a great week Renn

    1. It's a weird dichotomy but also common, from what I hear! Thanks as always for stopping by, Launna!
      PS Congrats on your weight loss!

  3. I'm so glad you decided to take part in this challenge. It was fun for me to write my list, but even more fun to read everyone else's lists. And I love randomness once in a while don't you? I hate speaking in public too. I wonder if you'd really like all weather if you lived where it's really cold?? Just asking... Great list. Thanks again for playing along. Glad I could give you that little push 'cuz I always love your posts. xx

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for being the impetus behind the "15 Random Facts" movement and for helping me get out of my "not blogging" rut. Keep up the good blogging work! PS I used to live in NY and loved colder weather! :-)

  4. Hi Renn,

    What a wonderful list! I learned so much about you. I also got attacked by a German Shepard when I was young, but I turned out wanting to be a veterinarian. Go figure. I think it's awesome that you listen to Christmas music year-round. Great list, and I'm so glad to read your post. You are such an excellent blogger!

    1. Thanks, Beth! It's always fun to participate in blogging challenges! (I am impressed you wanted to become a vet despite being bitten by a German Shepard.) I was always sad when Christmas music stopped playing on the radio (like, immediately after Christmas) so I would turn to my Xmas CDs to ease be through the rest of the season, which was always over sooner than I liked. This tactic helps me hold on to Xmas all year long, though I do have to put up with a few eye rolls (especially from my mom!) when people are ride in the car with me!

  5. Renn, I also hate sports - including baseball, but I tolerate baseball above the others. Love #15!

    1. Eileen, many people do not understand my fascination with history and headstones! Thanks for stopping by.


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