Friday, April 13, 2012


What does Day 13 of the WEGO Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge ask? "Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) the most." 

In keeping with Day 12's stream of consciousness challenge, I'll list the first 10 favorite things that come to mind: 

 1) Laughter
 2) Love
 3) Kindness
 4) Coffee
 5) Mountains
 6) Ocean
 7) Peace
 8) Pets
 9) Fresh veggies
10) Photography

PS: To read the favorite things of a few of my favorite BC bloggers, just click here for Jan'shere for Marie's and here for Yvonne's!


  1. Oh, Renn, I love your choices. Every single one of them. And the picture you chose is also perfect, because it's my favorite color. Write on! xx

  2. Thanks Jan. I had to amend my post after I read your and Marie's list so I could mention you both! ;-)

  3. Renn
    I love everything on your list, and I see we have a Bowie connection too :-)
    I am officially behind on the challenge ... just couldn't get into Day 12, and just now posted Day 13.

  4. I am so much enjoying the 'favorite things' posts you are all sharing for the blog challenge!! And I have some lovely clumps of those hardy geraniums in my garden. And you know how I love purple!! LOL. I love your list, Renn, although I would have to add dark chocolate. ;)

  5. @Yvonne: Just read your list and loved it, and commented over there, but I linked you above as well. These challenges have been so much fun!

    @Kathi: Thanks for following along on our little community blog foray! PS Will save all the dark chocolate for you. I like Swiss milk chocolate. Weird, I know! ;-)

  6. You are so sweet, Renn, to amend your post to include Marie's and mine. xx


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