Monday, April 2, 2012


It's Day 2 of the WEGO Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge. (Thanks to Marie, I'm writing a blog a day about health for the entire month of April.)

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DAY 2 CHALLENGE Select a quote that inspires me to write about it for 15 minutes. Hmmm. Since I am a very slooooow writer, this post won't be very long!

"Today it is enough to make a shadow." —Gretal Ehrlich

There have been many times during my cancer journey when I have felt that just making a shadow was arduous. Had I heard this quote during some of those times, I may have more easily let go of some of the guilt associated with not accomplishing what I set out to do that day.

Pre- and post-cancer, I always had a to-do list running in my head. Though my list is much shorter these days, it still exists. And sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything on it. I don't want to be responsible for anything or anyone other than me. And I have learned that that is absolutely, positively A-OK.

What's not OK is feeling bad about it. That's when the "shoulds" come into play. You know: "I should be doing this" and "I shouldn't have eaten that." As my friend Shannon says, "There I go 'shoulding' all over myself again." That always makes me laugh. And it makes me realize that honoring my feelings is as much a part of my recovery as doing my exercises or taking a nap or eating enough protein.

Because some days, it really is enough to make a shadow.


  1. I love this posting. You are right about "shoulds" being a part of life. I do the same thing and feel that I should be better at such-and-such.

    Nice take on the shadow prompt. I'd be at a loss for words on that one.

  2. so true!!!!
    love the part about should all over yourself!

  3. Beth, I actually selected the quote myself. It's an obscure one, but I loved it!

    So far the challenge has been easier than I thought.

  4. And yes, we gotta stop 'shoulding' all over ourselves!!


  5. Oh, I LOVE this quote, Renn. There is so much wisdom in it, and it's especially apt for all of us. Some days now, I can cast a bigger shadow, one that actually moves! But every day is still a process of redefining -- usually learning to lower -- my expections, which is just another word for 'should.'

    xoxo, Kathi


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