Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Day 27 of the WEGO Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge and the finish line is in sight! Today's task: List the five most difficult things about having breast cancer, as well as the five good things that keep me going. A total of 10 things I got out of cancer.


  1. Being forced to face my mortality
  2. Having a lack of energy during the day and trouble sleeping at night
  3. Hiding my under-construction chest
  4. Taking Tamoxifen
  5. Spending so much time dealing with doctors appointments, preparing for surgery, having surgery, recovering from surgery and follow-ups — it's inordinate, ridiculous, and a full-time job!


  1. Taking a stand against Pinktober (read my posts here, here and here)
  2. Discovering a vibrant, worldwide and uber-supportive web of fabulous, fascinating and funny cancer survivors
  3. Realizing that right now, this moment, is the only "for sure" that any of us have
  4. Making exercise, eating well and being kind to myself a top priority
  5. Falling in love with writing again — and finding my voice via this blog


  1. It's good, I think, to be able to see all sides of all issues. There is good and bad to everything, right? Your attitude always inspires me!

    I was checking out all of your anti-pink links. Thank you. It's an issue that I'm really just starting to learn about. Some day I will have to the energy to look into it more. To look into who is really researching the causes of cancer, and valid preventions. To look into alternative ways that cancer is being treated. I may very well need that information someday.

    Anyway, thanks. I do love your blog. I need to swing by more often!

  2. I think you are amazing with everything you have dealt with. I am doing a 30 day cleanse which is over in 2 days. I have learned a great deal about myself and I have grown tremendously. Thank you so much for blogging, I look forward to reading your blog, it is so uplifting :)

  3. Trouble sleeping at night is one of my top cons, too. I'm so saddened by all we must endure to cope in our post-cancer world. I almost put down envy of other with good health as one of my cons, but thought better of it: it would be too selfish.

    I love your pros, especially on writing and being kind to yourself.

    We're almost at the finish line...yes! xxx

  4. Mina, good to hear from you! Learning about Pink culture from the survivor's side has really opened my eyes. We can do better! Thanks for your comments. Hope to "see" you again!

    Launna,I feel like the challenge I took on to blog every day in April was a cleanse in its own way! Here's to May!

    Jan, that is an honest con and an understandable one as well. PS There is no such thing as being too selfish post-cancer! Though I prefer the term "self care." No guilt attached to it. ;-)

  5. renn, so would be so stupid & ridiculous and arrogant of me to say that your pros out-way the cons...and that's not at all what i mean...but as a person who has not walked in your shoes...reading this list makes me think that you are winning, i believe that you are winning...xoxo m

  6. M: As long as I'm not "winning" in a Charlie Sheen-kinda way, I'll take it! ;-) xoxo

  7. Renn I chose you for a blogger award :)


  8. Thank you, Launna! See my latest post! (

  9. Hi Renn, I'm not sure I could think up either list, but I sure do like both of yours and agree with much of it, especially meeting people through our community. You've given me something to think about. xoxo

  10. @Stacey: Not gonna lie, this was initially a challenging list to do, but I just typed stuff as it came into my head and when I was done, I was surprised the 'pro' side was so strong. Need to ponder it more myself. :-)


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