Tuesday, April 23, 2013


DAY 23 of #HAWMC, PART 1: Write about a device I wish existed to help me track my health. I'd invent a portable meter-like device (like the one diabetics use) ...
where I could prick my skin to scan my blood for cancer cellsWhile this cell detector wouldn't prevent disease, it would detect whether or not there were cancer cells present, what kind of cancer cells they were, and how prolific or active the cancer was. 

DAY 23 of #HAWMC, PART 2: How would my life change if there was no social media? I'd get more reading done. Maybe more conversation, too. Certainly more exercise. I'd cook more. Play more tennis. Reclaim more of the minutes that make up my day. But that would mean I wouldn't be able to communicate with so many amazing people the world over. Couldn't tweet a new study on breast cancer, or pass along a witty post written by one of my favorite bloggers. 

I was a hold-out when it came to social media. 
  • I didn't join Facebook until 2009. (I thought I was being so old-school! Didn't realize how much fun I'd been missing.) 
  • I didn't start blogging until 2011. 
  • Just got a smart phone at the end of 2012. 
  • Didn't Tweet until 2013. 
Now? Now I get it. I like my social media, with a sloppy side of Twitter. I just wish my tendonitis would get with the game... all this typing is a pain in my elbow.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Renn...

    I love social media, the pitfalls being that it does take up a great deal of my day but at the same time, like yourself... I am able to talk to and get to know people all over the world. I love that!!!

  2. dear renn,

    commenting is as close as i get to social media! oh, but i forgot - we received an itouch and were told by our kids it's "training wheels" for an iphone - perhaps there is hope and that manageable technology will help us be brave enough to dip our toes into twitter and texting!

    love you, love your blog, XOXO,

    karen, TC

    1. Oh Karen, that's funny about your kids. I feel your pain! I bought DH an iTouch a few Xmas's ago... not a song has been downloaded. He has, however, embraced the iPhone! I've no doubt you and DH will be stellar tweeters!! ;-)

  3. I post on twitter but I don't get it. I spend way too much time on facebook but I try to limit it to nights. This way if my husband is watching sports, I remain by his side and amuse myself via social media.

    1. Shannon, it took me a really long time to "get" Twitter. It is definitely a time suck! But it's a great tool for exchanging information. I find I am on FB much less. Only so many hours in the day! And yes, electronic devices are the savior to the spouse of a sports fanatic! Thank God DH only watches baseball, which also happens to be the only sport I also enjoy watching

  4. You have to love those of us who hold out ... my husband STILL refuses to own a cellphone, has no real concept of the virtual world that exists except when he says hi to my mother if he happens to be passing through the room when we're on Skype.
    I got my first cell phone 15 years ago, the same day I found out I was pregnant :-) I still have a turntable and I'm feeling somewhat smug about vinyl making a comeback. I don't imagine the same will be true for 8 tracks :-)
    We started blogging the same year, Renn. I used to think I was wasting so much time on the internet but I have made so many terrific connections (such as yourself) that it was and is time well spent. And ... it counts as reading!

    1. Wow, that is amazing that your husband still doesn't own a cell phone. I'm impressed! I was the last person I knew to get a cell phone, in 2004. I felt archaic! I don't believe 8-tracks (or VHS tapes) will be making any kind of comeback anytime soon tho!

      I agree about the blogging on the world wide web... it has definitely opened up my world to so many great people (like you!).

  5. Good idea to have your computer next to your husband while he's watching tv - I feel like we never communicate cause I'm always at my computer, but that's a way to do it.

    I'm enjoying your WEGO posts, Renn. Especially social media. It IS addicting.
    But you can hop around the country and world in a day and make new friends and catch up with the ones you have.

    BTW, there is a blood test to detect cancer way before a biopsy called Circulating Tumor Cell Test. There is no one standard technology as many R&D folks are working on their own version and it's not FDA approved yet. But there's one that detects most cancers early and gives genetic info to help determine best treatment and monitor for resistance - still in trials though.

    Happy weekend Renn!

    1. Hi Rachel! Yes, GreenMonkey has the right idea... be in the same room as Husband but still doing your own thing. I sequester myself away in my office too much! I think I need to change my furniture around or paint my walls or something... which is a sign I'm spending too much time in here!

      I do love the "social" aspect of social media! So easy, and can do on my own timetable.

      Thanks for mentioning the circulating tumor cell test. I see my Onco this week so will discuss!

  6. I love how you are still continuing this challenge, Renn! That shows how much you do enjoy social media. It really can be addictive, but I wouldn't give it up for anything now. The connection with virtual friends is invaluable. xo

    1. Jan, it has been such a struggle this year to keep up with the challenge! I'm 3 days behind and am trying to catch up and am feeling pressured. I may have to skip a day!

      When I find myself asking, "OK, why am I doing this?" then I know the challenge is either not relevant to me or my response to it is lacking. So I'm trying not to post until I have something with some semblance of insight. Doesn't always happen. But I am very happy with Day 25... do check it out! ;-)

  7. Renn,

    I admire you for taking on this HAWMC challenge last month. I'm grateful to social media, for without it, I wouldn't have crossed paths with you. It is a great relationship-builder and keeps us in contact with kindred spirits.


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