Thursday, April 11, 2013


Day 11 of the Wego Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge asks us to write about our favorite social network. 

I'm crazy for Twitter! Which is completely crazy, because until two weeks ago I was a Twitter holdout. But I folded up my fear and finally completed my account. My impetus? To participate in the Monday night #BCSM Tweetchat (yes, I'm impressed I even knew what #BCSM meant too!). 

On Twitter, #BCSM stands for "The Intersection of Breast Cancer and Social Media." This online community was founded in 2011 by Jody Schoger and Alicia Staley (both breast cancer survivors), along with Dr. Deanna J. Attai, a board-certified breast surgeon. In April of 2013, they created a BCSM blog, and posted a terrific article entitled, "Respect the Hashtag." Check it out to learn more about the proper ways to post on Twitter and #BCSM.

The #BCSM’s mission: "To help support, empower and inform women about issues related to breast cancer." #BCSM is an awesome group of women and men who have cancer, had cancer or have an interest in cancer. However, #BCSM Twitterchats are not for the faint of heart! They move quickly, and I am slowly getting the hang of thinking of short but relevant things to tweet. Join us every Monday night at 9 PM Eastern Time, 8 PM Central Time and 6 PM Pacific Time.

I know now why I was afraid of Twitter: I didn't understand it. I thought it was something I could only access from my smart phone. (Which I didn't even own until last Christmas. Silly me.) My world has been widened: I've since figured out how to "follow" folks (475 and counting!), and it's been great fun to watch as people "follow" me (150 and counting).

To follow me on Twitter, click here. See you Monday night!


  1. Yay Renn you are on Twitter... that is awesome, I just followed you:)

  2. I read your post title as "Crazy For Twitter Day" - even though I was wrong, I still like the idea :) And it's great to hear you are enjoying it. ~Catherine

  3. Renn, before I got on Twitter I also was afraid of it. I just didn't get what I would use it for. Once I discovered social media, Facebook, Twitter, and #BCSM, it has been so great to find so many new people, cited articles, meaningful friendships, and new blogs. It also led me to start my own blog. I love the fact that we are a supportive community and I value the insights and friendships I am making through social media.


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