Friday, April 19, 2013


DAY 19 of #HAWMC — post a vintage image of myself and write a caption about it.

This photo was taken:
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  • 6 months after my siblings spun me around in my father's office chair, sending me flying into the furnace.
  • 3 years before I would slice my lip on a broken china cup while pretending to sip tea with my dolls.
  • 4 years before I would see the Pieta at the New York World's Fair.
  • 7 years before I would develop a fear of dogs after being bitten by a German Shepherd, leaving me with a scar near my eye...
  • 11 years before I would hit the brakes too hard while peddling downhill, sending me flying over my bicycle's handlebars — and to the hospital with a concussion.
  • 14 years before I would see The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
  • 16 years before I would take the stage in summer stock theatre.
  • 22 years before I would accept a job in New York City.
  • 24 years before my sister would be diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31.
  • 26 years before I would run in my first (and only) marathon.
  • 27 years before I would see Europe at Christmastime.
  • 28 years before I would drive cross-country for the second time.
  • 39 years before I would accept a new job in a different city, quit my old job, and then change my mind (leaving me unemployed).
  • 41 years before 9/11, after which I would drive cross-country twice more.
  • 45 years before I would become a dog lover.
  • 47 years before my father would die.
  • 48 years before I would become a stepmother.
  • 49 years before I would become a step-grandmother.


  1. WOW Renn, you have lead an amazing life... this was an incredible post:)

    1. LOL! Tks. I was trying to focus on traumatic/impressionable events...

  2. Great post....I am a fellow Empowered Blogger....really looking forward to following your posts....great writing style!

    1. Hi Florence! I used your "Facebook Phobia" headline in my Wednesday Wordle... (

  3. Eileen... I used your "Relationships with Cancer" headline in my Wednesday Wordle (see above) too! ;-)

  4. dear renn,

    making this list in retrospect must have been somewhat of an emtional roller-coaster - the happily memorable events juxtaposed with the indelible imprints of shock and sorrow. life! sure can throw us a curve ball (or many!). but we rarely can imagine at the time these sort of events happen what resilliance and learning comes from what resides in our past; looking back gives such a powerful realization of how we arrived where we are today. i have a good phrase for that - whodda thunk it??!!

    excellent and interesting post, renn.

    love, XOXO

    karen, TC

    1. It's sobering to see how life builds and builds and then: blows up. I like looking at naïveté with my 20/20 glasses...

      I'd been thinking of a timeline-type post for months, and the "vintage" challenge seemed the right time to employ it. Whodda thunk it, indeed!

      Thanks as always for your comments, Karen! ;-)

  5. Oh, Renn, if ever there was a case of a life flashing before my eyes. Powerful, and I could almost feel myself spinning around on your father's office chair as I went through the years with you.
    Wow. It took a half century for all those things to shape you. Now, I have to ask. Were you a cat-lover at some point? And did you switch allegiances??

    1. Fortunately, I have no recollection of spinning into the furnace... though I do have a different scar on my forehead from that little accident! Scars seems to be a thread in my life... Hmmm...

      PS Yes I was a cat lover all my life. After the dog attack I was simply too scared to give dogs a chance. When I met my husband, he had two new dogs and the first thing I asked was, "Ummm, how old are they?" Now I can't imagine living without them. Such wonderful companions, such different personalities... one guards me, the other is my lap dog!

      But don't get me wrong, I would have a cat in a minute again. But my dogs would never approve of it! ;-)

  6. It's a sweet photograph of you, and I like the polka dot glass in front of you too. Hard to believe that that little girl has so much ahead.


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