Monday, April 8, 2013


DAY 8 of the WEGO #HAWMC asks: "If your health condition was an animal, what would it be?" A snake comes immediately to mind; specifically, a timber rattlesnake  aptly named C. Horridus. (I found that so apropos!)
This is a California rattler.
My 8 reasons why rattlesnakes remind me of breast cancer...
  • Rattlers are feared 
  • Rattlers hide 
  • Rattlers are stealth 
    • Rattlers pass themselves off as other things
      • Rattlers are poisonous 
        • Rattlers threaten 
          • Rattlers are predatory 
          • Rattlers kill their prey 
          VENUM/CANCER LINK: Gene sequencing in rattlesnake venom is being studied by a British-Australian teamwhile scientists in Queensland, Australia, are studying molecules in tarantula venom — all in an effort to understand how venom alters and kills cells, and how this might be applied to cancer.

          EDITED TO ADD: This post also counts as my WEGO DAY 7, when we were asked to write about a ludicrous cure. I tried very hard to find original research on the above-mentioned snake venom studies; but could only find news reports (and nothing on a reputable cancer site). Which left me wondering if these were snake oil cures. (Couldn't help myself.) Time will tell.


          1. Wow Renn, that is really interesting, I hope by studying snakes venom that a cure could be found for cancer... :)

          2. Good connection. Snakes creep me out like crazy! Though at least they generally mind their own business. Cancer on the other hand is just a predator of the worst kind. ~Catherine


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