Monday, April 15, 2013


DAY 15 of the #HAWMC is about sharing. I've been asked to select someone else’s blog post, write a comment to them, then make that comment my post. The blog I've chosen to share dovetails with what we in the breast cancer blogging community call "Mets Monday." This is the day each week dedicated to promoting awareness of metastatic breast cancer.

Metastatic cancer occurs when cancer cells spread to another part of the body from where it was initially found. According to the National Cancer Institute, for example, breast cancer that has spread to the lung is metastatic breast cancer, not lung cancer. (To learn more about metastatic breast cancer, please visit as well as the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network.) 

Today, I am highlighting one of my favorite bloggers — Kate, a 33-year-old wife and mother living in Norway and dealing daily with the reality of metastatic breast cancer...
...Kate writes a blog entitled The Adventures of OBBShe recently posted some beautiful images of her family in order "to show how life can really be tough sometimes but there are always things that are worth celebrating and enjoying no matter what. Don't forget to enjoy your moments!"

My reply was simple: "Keep celebrating the ordinary moments — as those with cancer know, they are secretly the extraordinary moments." Please show Kate some "Mets Monday" love — though she is not on Twitter, you can leave her a note of support on her blog. Thank you!

SPECIAL NOTE: A former co-worker of mine, L., recently lost her father to cancer. A month later, L. learned that a childhood friend (also a young mom in her 30s) has metastatic breast cancer. This post was inspired by L. and her friend.


  1. When the votes are in, do tell! I'm going to take a wild guess and say the false one is #4, about leaving the millionaire for the starving artist-musician. If you did improv, you very well may have worked with Jim Carrey, especially in his earlier days.

  2. Renn - it took me a few days to see this and Karen brought it to my attention. Been distracted by pet scans and dr appointments! But thank you so much for choosing me to write about for this entry. I do wish it were under different circumstances but some things are out of our hands. I have appreciated the support from you and the army you have called upon for me. And maybe i need to get on the twitter thing! Big hug from Norway. Love, Kate (And I think it is a wonderful great thing you are doing).

    1. Kate! Always happy to lend support! I think you will like Twitter. It's also a great support system. I held out for a really long time, and just signed up last month, mainly so I could participate in the #BCSM [breast cancer social media] tweet chats on Monday nights, 9PM EST. There's a similar chat in Europe (#BCCEU) that may work better for your timeframe.
      Hope to see you there! And I hope you don't have to endure too much "scanxiety"


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